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World Harmony Foundation - Li Gegwu

Another outbreak!

 The World Harmony Foundation (WHF)

 has once again offered a helping hand:


Don't worry at home,
natural network healing medicine

WHF health consultant

Li Gengwu ,

teacher, invented the

 Life Magnetic Power Remote Therapy

 to serve the people


Li Gengwu

 Since December 2022 outbreak risk control policy, because of the secret Dijung powerful transmission, ordinary people to secret jung virus and treatment lack of professional understanding, and the medical shortage of the practical problems, more and more people infected with secret army, even a lot of people at home, especially the treatment of the elderly and children. In this process, the spirit of mutual help between people, and the life of magnetic power high-tech therapy is extensive and profound, which has once again been deeply reflected and confirmed.

 In line with the spirit of serving the people, to be more natural health way alleviate cure and Mr Keg in disease and mild patients, veterans, the world Harmony Foundation health consultant Li Gengwu teacher regardless of the henceforth toil, still in the form of public welfare remote open magnetic life remote treatment, painstakingly for daily for dozens of patients for time treatment, and harvest excellent curative effect, let everybody again feel the magnetic power high-tech natural therapy, especially for the old man and children's body recovery, in without destroying their own body function, achieved the safe
and effective treatment effect.

Preparation and treatment process: the patient should prepare mineral water with metasicicate acid content above 80ml / L, and pour pure grain wine above 50 degrees into the glass and stand on both sides of the glass; after connecting the video, the patient shall wear mineral water and liquor with magnetic power or the patient himself or his hand, to achieve direct healing or by drinking magnetic power wine and hydrotherapy.

 Real patient feedback:

1. Xuan Bao Ma:
" Our family did not drink alcohol. We began to drink the magnetic power Nongfu Spring water made by Master's video, and the cough was relieved a lot. Later, it was changed to the 52 degree wine made by master video, and I realized that the healing ability of magnetic power wine is really strong! No, no!

2, Chen Xuan:
" yesterday had a fever of 39.5 degrees, took antipyretic medicine for two hours the temperature did not drop, eat western medicine can not drink, I want to wipe the body must be useful, I began to wipe, master assistant Yushan Shan I can not drink, and alone for me and my mother made magnetic power, to about ten o'clock the temperature to 36 degrees! Thanksgiving master! Thanksgiving jade good.

3, Hami:
 " 2022 is waving goodbye, 2023 has cheered, yesterday's troubles are absolutely determined, the future of happiness is true, all the worries are omitted, all the happy walking leap. Thank you for your support and encouragement to me over the years, so good with you all the way."" I have a fever of 39 degrees, after two days of magnetic power conditioning, complete fever reduction. After the fever cough intensified, after drinking magnetic power, cough relief to no longer cough, sleep greatly improved, the whole person is particularly energetic, in addition, I less than a year old son had a first day fever phlegm, emergency to find the master conditioning, after conditioning the child spit a lot of thick phlegm, magnetic power really has been for our health escort!

 4. Tao Jing: "
I drank a mouthful of wine at noon and drank the boiled water and went to bed. Just woke up, I now in addition to the brain feel a little slow, now the fever retreated, the whole body does not hurt, and can cough out sputum no longer dry cough, thanks to the master.

5、    Liu Zhengyuan:
" Master, I forced myself to eat hard food, drink less magnetic power wine, now the body energy has recovered more, not so uncomfortable at that time.

6, "Letter tianyou"
" Master Gengwu, report to you, your treatment, see shadow! My friend Lao Jin is completely normal. My reaction is more sensitive, immediately after the detoxification of the whole body relaxed, these two days to restore breathing smooth! He is still taking it. Thank you again for your rescue! Thank you once again for the benefit of the society!

7, Zhang Yilan:
 " here special thanks to my benefactor Nie Lao. That night have a fever uncomfortable not when, to nie old for help. Nie Lao helped me dispose of a bottle of wine through remote treatment. At that time after drinking, immediately the throat itching can not help but cough symptoms cure. Then I found that there is one of the most different general characteristics is that the wine can get wet. Because at the beginning of the cough to the discharge of sputum, pull the trachea pain tore heart crack lung. But what about the magnetic-powered wine? A cough is no phlegm. I'm still wondering where is the sputum going? Found that this sputum is excreted with the stool. Oh, the magnetic power is really amazing. After two days after that day, there was basically no sputum. Thanksgiving Nie Lao, Thanksgiving magnetic power.

A netizen named Sarahsuhani once asked Master Li for help and said: " Good teacher. I went back to Beijing for a meeting now Yang, sore throat and cough, now feel chest pressure, how do I do to protect the lung, how can the lung use magnetic line to clear the virus?"After receiving magnetic power remote high-tech therapy to handle the wine and water, feedback to although the occasional cough, the lungs do not pressure, sputum
 also discharged

the World Harmony Foundation chairman Mr Frank Liu 7 years old son at school infected Mr Keg, he personally witnessed the magic of life magnetic dynamic therapy, also not exclamation wrote: " my 7 years old son Yang, fever cough, drink you use life magnetic dynamics method will mineral water processing, only two days, completely recovered today completely recovered! Once again to see the power of the application of life magnetic power technology!

 There are hundreds of people with such true feedback and gratitude, because of their limited space, which are only listed above.

 On December 30,2022, on behalf of the world Harmony Foundation inspection cooperation enterprise China Shenzhen have light lighting technology co., LTD., in the process of the medical spirit of love, Dr Li Gengwu the scene for the enterprise leaders, urban management bureau old leadership Huang Hanqiang friend "Huizhou security company" dong, and the factory infection workers on the life magnetic dynamic diagnosis and treatment. Let everyone witness the magic of the traditional magnetic power high-tech therapy.

In addition, they are on the way back to Guangzhou investigation through Guangnan County, Dr. Li and elder sister in the guangnan County agricultural bureau retired cadres couple processing water and wine, once again along the way great love pay file. At present, more than 1,000 people have received treatment and prevention of COVID-19.


Li Gengwu
The basic principle of life magnetodynamic therapy

 is that because the basic matter of human life is the basic particle, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other atoms, and each basic particle has an interaction between particles. In particular, the entangled motion of protons and neutrons in the middle of the nucleus, including the spin and revolution of the electron around the nucleus.

The electromagnetic energy waves generated by their interaction act on the elementary particles in the form of quantum magnetic dynamics, so that the elementary particles maintain a stable motion form.

 To distinguish animals and plants from human quantum entanglement and quantum magnetic field. For the quantum magnetic field that affects the activity of human life, we temporarily define it as: "the magnetic dynamic field of life".

 The academic theory and theorem theory of studying and exploring the quantum magnetic field affecting human life activities are defined as "magnetic dynamics of life".

Therefore, according
to the basic principle of life magnetic dynamics, the magnetic dynamic field of life can be used by the healthy human body under the control of consciousness.

 It acts on human immune organs (tonsils, lymph nodes, thymus, bone marrow, and spleen, etc.) and immune cells (lymphocytes, phagocytes, etc.). With the help of the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation.

Repair of immunoglobulins with life magnetic power, (immunoglobulin causes damage to the human immune system caused by the chaotic quantum magnetic field carried by viruses and bacteria).

To achieve the application of life magnetic power technology,
 to restore the function of human immune system.


Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu

 Animal experiment:
 In 2017, Cai Jianying, former director of Henan Provincial Bureau of Technical Quality Supervision, sent the 39-degree liquor to A304 Research Office of College of Pharmacy, Zhengzhou University, Henan Province. Performed the animal experiments.

The comparative results of animal experiments prove that:

 The 39-degree liquor with a dose of 6.52 (g / kg) showed 95.20% inhibition of gastric mucosal damage (ulcer) in rats.

The injury index was only 2.73
1.76. Note: (g / kg) g represents the test dose administered to rats and kg represents rat weight. In the comparison group, the dose of 3.26 (g / kg) showed 52.88% inhibition of gastric mucosal damage (ulcer) in rats.

The injury index was only 26.83
10.93. In the comparison group, the dose of ranitidine was 0.30 (g / kg), the inhibition rate was less than 0.56%, and the gastric mucosal damage (ulcer) damage index in rats was 56.62 9.40. In the comparison group, the dose, 0.49 (kg / kg), the inhibition rate was less than 84.14%, but the gastric mucosa damage (ulcer) damage index of rats was 11.31 7.79. The 39-degree liquor with a dose of 6.52 (g / kg) showed 95.20% inhibition of gastric mucosal damage (ulcer) in rats.

The injury index was only 2.73


Li Gengwu

Decades of application experiments have proved that although the human body emits and output quantum magnetic field and quantum magnetic power, the eyes can not see, the facial features can not feel, in order to prove his existence, prove that he acts on wine and mineral water, respectively can make the molecular structure of wine
and mineral water change.

We use (polarizer), photoelectric, chemical analyzer, etc, respectively without the quantum magnetodynamic processing of wine and mineral water, and the application of quantum magnetodynamic processing of wine and mineral water comparison test, found them in the quantum magnetodynamic processing of wine and mineral water, molecular structure has changed.

 In particular, the molecular structure of alcohol (ethanol) has undergone special changes: 1, the alcohol quality and acidity of alcohol has changed.2. The taste of the wine has become sweeter.3, in the human quantum magnetic field (magnetic force) through the process of alcohol, part of the ethanol molecules of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon atoms in the human quantum magnetic field (magnetic power), the nucleus outside the electron deflection, and lose the nucleus of electrons will move and move, on the liquid surface and air contact, under the action of quantum magnetism, absorbed seven hydrogen atoms in the air, four oxygen, four carbon and nitrogen atoms, a nitrogen atoms.

Part of the molecular structure (C2H6O) of alcohol (ethanol) was successfully converted to amino sugars (C6H13NO5).4. According to the polarizing meter detection in 2003, the maximum liquor (52 degrees of Maotai) can be converted from 67% into amino sugars and at least 12%, according to the intensity of the quantum magnetic field and the density of the magnetic force line).

Thus makes the taste of the wine sweet. From this experiment, it can be proved that the human emission quantum magnetic field and quantum magnetic force can change its molecular structure, which can prove the real existence of the human emission quantum magnetic field
and quantum magnetic force.


Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu
Yet, This is not the first time Dr. Li Gengwu has used life life therapy to save lives in danger, Back in 2002, Dr. Li used life magnetic power to treat Kong Xuezhi, former vice chairman of Yunnan Geology and Mining Group, And to enable the patient to heal; During the outbreak in 2020, Dr. Li also instructed his disciples to treat Professor Luo Xin, "life scientist", professor of physics, Yunnan University, for stroke caused by cerebral infarction, Has now been cured,

The professor attended many activities of the World Harmony Foundation last year and the year before; besides, Dr. Li Gengwu also used life magnetic power therapy to treat Chen Shuxin, President of the Chinese Minister General Calligraphy and Painting Academy, Now President Chen is running all over the country, eucrasia
Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu

In recent days, a "Wall Street ghost" lamented that the epidemic in Beijing is very serious and Shijiazhuang is also undergoing the second round of the epidemic.

I don't know when the epidemic will end. I sincerely thank Master Li for benefiting the people, and I sincerely hope that the essence of magnetic power high-tech natural therapy can be known by more and more people, and can be valued and carried forward,
so as to benefit more and more people.


World Harmony Foundation since the outbreak in 2020 Wuhan, led the entrepreneurs, youth members actively participate in the United Nations health organization charity relief, the Rockefeller fund raising masks, test box, vaccine aid in Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries and Taiwan a series of charity relief operations!

Won the United Nations and countries and
Taiwan region high-level high appreciated!


Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu
Li Gengwu

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