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Liu Fan

liu fan
liu fan
liu fan
liu fan

( Liu Fan )  Frank Liu
 Spokesman of the Global Forum
 of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs


On the 60th anniversary of the birth of the United Nations,
 Liu Fan, organized a ceremony where  all the heads of the United Nations
rang the Bell of World Harmony.
Today, on his 60th birthday, he proposed to the United Nations:
to set up a

 "United Nations Global Filial Piety Day"
to celebrate the world's elderly,

 Together with Lester Wolff, a centenarian congressmen,
he proposed a new vision for people:

“60 is just the beginning, 100 is still middle age,
 life does not end, as long as the spirit is strong
This is the lesson of a Harmonious Life!

He is honored and recognized  as
Global Forum Spokesman,
by the UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs,

 World Harmony Ambassador
by people's daily,

"Outstanding Volunteer Award"
by the President of the White House.

He is the Founder of Congress Network Television,

the Initiator of UN Global Filial Piety Day,

the Initiator of UN digital currency initiative,
and as

active in the mainstream of the United States

 by the World Chinese Weekly

He is known as a
Harmonious Person
by influential figures in China,

 and as a
Promoter of Harmonious Culture
by Asian People Guide of Hong Kong and China News Agency.

Up to the 7th UN Global Forum in 2006, only
Italian Nobel Prize winning scientists
and South Korean Foreign Minister respectively won this honor.

 Frank Liu is the third person and the only Chinese person to be so Honored


Today, I would like to introduce to you Frank Liu,
 a pioneer who actively promotes the essence of Chinese culture

Harmonious Culture

 August 19th, the 60th anniversary of Mr. Liu's birthday.
 Although his main job is as an Investment Banker on Wall Street.
 He is more enthusiastic about philanthropy and
spreading harmony and multiculturalism.

 He spends most of his time, working on the public welfare outreach,
in partnership with the United Nations.
Especially in the areas of Peace and Harmony, Environmental Protection, Culture and Education Foundation for World Harmony.
He has raised substantial funds for public welfare, and using the skills of an Investment banker, he has joined hands with rich philanthropists to do many unique high-level activities on the UN public welfare platform.

He is known as the grassroots philanthropist.

He is a Chinese American who has unique ideas and actively puts them into action.
 He is a rich unique creative Chinese American.

 He was featured in the People's Daily as the Ambassador of Harmony.
 World Chinese Magazine called him the preeminent
active mainstream social activists in the United States

The Chinese PR Magazine, noted that he is
 Chinese event planning master

remarking on his long and successful history of activities and charitable events,
 mainly focused in NYC,

 Now, let's look back at his 20 years of Charity work:

In 1989,  he graduated from Webber university as an MBA graduate.
He returned to New York, and started his real education, as the Presidential Assistant to the Eastern Fujian Association.

The Fujian Association is the largest Chinese Organization in New York,
With a very active and engaged membership
Activities range from encouraging and assisting students in NYC, to
sustained involvement in Economic Development in Fujian Province.
of the most active members have gone forward to hugely
successful careers in Business, and
some are now leaders in the China’s Politburo Standing Committee


In 1993, he donated a bullet van worth 600,000 RMB to his Alma mater,
 Fuzhou No. 1 High School.
This was the largest donation in the class of '77,
and he has set a good example for alumnus charitable donation.


In 1995 working with the first Chinese Police Chief of NYC, He organized
for senior public security staff from 36 Provinces and cities to visit and
share their policing experience with the top brass of the
New York City Police Department

Modernizing the Communication capacity of the Chinese Policing Operation was
an obvious need that was identified


Liu Fan helped to set up communication companies, investment and cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security, immediately to help the Chinese public security modify their communication systems.
Initiating an international financial instruments to help the Ministry of Public Security to get the loans of 60 million Yuan, from the Dutch government as a  low-interest loan.
 Which was used to install a state of the art, European Communication system.

This quickly led to important improvements in the Chinese security forces efficiency, for public security high-tech and safeguard  and social public security..


From 1995 to 1997, after EMBA study at Columbia Business School,
He started to help China's reform and opening up,
promote economic development and establish capital market,
 assisted Columbia financiers to carry out training work on the establishment of China's first stock market , the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

 Helped Chinese enterprises to get listed on Wall Street, a major source of finance.

 Cooperated with visiting Professor from Columbia University to China,
who organized capital operation training groups and China lecture groups.

 Assisted in arranging Senior Chinese Financial officials to receive training in Columbia University, including
Liu Hongru,
 Shang Fulin,
 Zhou Xiaochuan,
Chairman of China Securities Commission Liu Mingkang, etc.

He lectured on
Capital Operation

in many cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and Guangdong,

 which helped the Chinese government establish the stock capital market, taught enterprises how to raise funds through IPO listing, and successfully helped several Chinese high-tech enterprises to get listed on Wall Street and raise venture capital.


In April 1997, in order to promote Chinese unity and harmony of two shore places, he masterminded the Famous
Chinese 97 back to the 100 - day countdown

helping the delegation in the United States, and organize more than 20 well-known Chinese delegation, with Yang Zhenglin, to visit China.

The  Honorary Chairman of Mo Tiger, Chinese unity, for the Harmony of the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Members of the delegation include:
 Li Changyu, Mo Hu, Jin Yuxi, Andy Lau, Chen Li Wan Nuo
... And other well-known American Chinese were received by the highest head of state in Zhongnanhai.


Meanwhile convening  in Beijing at the same time, the  Shanghai Party Secretary, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Guangdong's Party Secretary, and another four politburo Standing Committee Members, National People's Congress, two vice chairman of CPPCC, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, the Ministry of Public Security under the State Council, the People's Daily, the United Front Work Department, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, six big ministerial leaders hosted a personally reception.

There was a remarkably successful event, setting a new record .

From 1999 to 2001, when he learned that China was suffering from serious desertification and dust storm in Beijing.
He worked to prevent the dust storms in Beijing, and immediately Founded
the Desert Research Institute .

China, desert soil management scientists, worked together in Inner Mongolia to develop desert recovery technique, and to test techniques to prevent erosion. Calculating  economic risk investment projects, successful developing desert oasis technology.

 Laying the foundation for the current Inner Mongolia sand barriers
and desert recovery programs
By Successfully developing the desert greening technology,
He won the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Chen Jian's appreciation
and was recognized for
greening the earth, everyone has a responsibility,
 launched the concept of the green economy,
with a full page article in the Economic Daily report.


2001, He worked to  plan and promote s
UN Secretary-General

 Ban ki-Moon and un-habitat's call for
Harmonious Cities,

arranging Events  in Brazil, to promote ,the harmonious concept, and continued to promote and lobby the public at the Shanghai World Expo.
Promoting the adoption of practices to lead to more Sustainable and Harmonies Cities.

On October 24, 2005, the World Harmony Foundation organized a major UN Event to , celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations,

At the opening ceremony,
 Kofi Annan, the President of the General Assembly,
and the President of the Security Council , rang the Harmony Bell.
Promoting to the whole World the desire to
build a harmonious world

 It was the first time for Chinese that cooperate with the United Nations in organizing the largest public benefit event of the United Nations.

Which was witnessed by Congresswoman Marolyn,
 the Heads of Delegations of 193 UN member states,
21 vice Presidents of the UN General Assembly
and media from 193 countries.

The Ceremony was covered e by all mainstream media in China:
 Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily, China Daily,
 and media from 193 countries!
 Dissemination of the concept of Harmony, and for the Chinese glory


February 2006,
1) Successfully organized the ringing of the World Harmony Bell by the first President, and in New York by the two Eastern Presidents.

 2) Organized Fujian Song and Dance Hall to enter the United Nations and successfully organized the second Chinese New Year Gala of the United Nations.


On June 21,
1) successfully organized a number of famous U.S. lawmakers to ring the world harmony bell in the U.S. Capitol Hill, creating the first non-governmental organization activities held in the Capitol Hill.


On 24 June, 2)
successfully organized Chinese and foreign entertainers to attend the art reception in support of the United Nations Public Service Day celebration.

In April, established the Congress King Network TV Station with senior members of the Congress and cooperated with the Xinhua News Agency Information Center.

In June, it successfully sponsored the 7th UN Global Forum held by the Department of Social and Economic Affairs of the United Nations in Vienna. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations to ring the bell of world harmony, and China sent Minister of Supervision to attend.


On August 8, 2007, after 108 members of the United States Congress boycotted the Olympic Games, they immediately organized the patriotic Chinese in California to launch a spontaneous and harmonious Olympic action, taking the Olympic propaganda truck to more than 20 American states and cities, and got the support and participation of the people of each state and the government parliaments.
And rang the World Harmony Bell for the first time on Capitol Hill.


September 20-21, the Peace of the World, together with the United States Congress Council on Global Family Day, invite famous American Congressmen, Judiciary Committee Chairman, John Conyer Congress man

and the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Zhou Wenzhong  and special envoy Zheng Zeguang to Capitol hill again. Celebrating  global family harmony of China and the United States as the world harmonious clock, and take the vehicle to Capitol hill, support for members of congress signed the slogan, contribute to the development of china-us relations.


In March 2008, the group raised 1.2 million RMB from Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, and Liu Fan himself donated 100,000 RMB to save the remaining
 20 South China tigers in the Longyan Nature Reserve in Fujian Province.
 Obtained the local government, the people and the media praise.


In May 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake, he immediately went to American middle schools and primary schools to publicize charity, encouraging students to support the Sichuan earthquake, and raised hundreds of thousands of RMB and nearly one million large water filters to donate to the quake-stricken schools in Wenchuan.


In June 2008, in collaboration with the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, group 2 earthquake spared girl to Capitol hill, describe the Chinese government timely action against earthquake disasters, which are praised by the United States congress more than 50 and solidarity, broke the U.S. lawmakers together is consistently criticized China and to recognize and support for China, virtually made a lot of folk diplomacy.


In August 2008, the organization and sponsorship of the World Harmony Bell entered the Beijing Olympic Games, the day before the opening ceremony in the Olympic International Club to ring the harmony of the ring, and let the champion American athletes shake hands with the champion Iranian athletes and ring the harmony of the bell, at a time of war between the United States and the Iranian government, significant.


In August 2009,  invited UN Under-Secretary-General Ibari Gambari to Beijing and Guangdong to promote the establishment of the UN Convention and Exhibition Center
in China and the establishment of the Green Ecology Center in Guangdong.


In October 2009, stiff in sino-us relations, President Hu will cancel the multinational nuclear meeting to go to the United States, elaborate wrote a touching letter to President Obama, he immediately recognized, finish see letter, on air force one off the plane to President Hu Jintao called for an hour, china-us relations, the us government pressure on China to revalue the renminbi is not, fully utilize the people-to-people diplomacy.


In 2009, the World Harmony Foundation participated in the two major activities of "the 64th birthday celebration of the United Nations and the 61st anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Peace Corps. Stars from five continents participated in the performance and were praised by the Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Peace Corps (Deputy Secretary-General) in a personal letter.


In the spring of 2009, the United Nations commemorated Black Emancipation Day, sponsored by the World Harmony Foundation, and praised by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. In December of the same year, he supported the annual celebration of the United Nations Correspondents' Association, which was praised by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and supported by the parent-child signature on the action declaration of "Harmony for Peace".


In 2010, sponsored and organized by the World Harmony Foundation, the United Nations Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo celebrated the 65th anniversary of the United Nations and invited Deputy Secretary-General Sha Zukang to present the Harmony Award to General Chi Haotian for his contribution to world peace.


In January 2011,
 A) in the first half of President, Hu Jintao's visit to the United States in Washington, members of congress and singer meet democratic club, and to promote peace, harmony, and bank of China and the United States, Hong Kong and the cultural exchanges between the people, the former congressional committee chairman Asia Lester Wolff, famous singer Sister Sledge by harmonious world outstanding contribution award.


B) In the second half of August, after the earthquake in Haiti, I organized Chinese college students to explain that Haitian earthquake children donated tents and arranged with Japanese earthquake children to study in China.


C) In the second half of the year, on September 21 and October 17, the United Nations Association annual awards for philanthropists who have contributed to public welfare were held respectively at the Waldorf Hotel and the United Nations Senior Club.

In 2012, in order to save energy and reduce emissions, the "Asian Carbon Exchange" was registered and launched in Macao.

Launched in Beijing 2013 "gratitude" birthday filial piety education action, filial piety committee was established in New York, and into the 64th birthday of the United Nations, launched a "global day of filial piety" in folk way, and actively promote apply to the United Nations general assembly by the first "global" filial piety, initiated by the Chinese, this action is consistent with the Chairman Xi in China
called for a set up the Dan action.


In 2014, in order to train young people, the Future Leaders Forum was successfully held in the United Nations and the Future Leaders walked into Wall Street to "simulate IPO", which won praise from children and parents.


In 2015, we organized children's ambassadors for harmony to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations in Central Park with the painting "Dream of Peace", which promotes peace through culture, to call for an end to the war in Syria. As the only representative of the wishes of children all over the world, the painting was presented on the rostrum as a gift to celebrate the
 70th anniversary of the United Nations.


In the 2016 US election, organized Chinese youth to actively participate in politics, care about politics, and wrote a letter to Hillary by the Little Harmony Ambassador, which was praised by the public and the media!


In 2017, in order to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, we organized a team to turn the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West into a musical, and trained excellent children to perform in a Broadway theater and successfully performed.


In June 2018, in cooperation with the United Nations Correspondents' Association and the UN Branch of Xinhua News Agency, a famous portrait artist drew a "peace bureau" with the purpose of promoting peace through culture. The heads of the Six-Party Talks and the Secretary-General were painted in the painting. The first day cover was issued at the United Nations on June 12, the day Trump shook hands with Kim Jong Un. Due to the unique creativity of the work, I was invited by the UN Correspondents' Association and Xinhua News Agency to present the painting as a gift for the 70th anniversary of the UN Correspondents' Association, and received surprise and praise from the UN Secretary-General Guterres! And on behalf of the United Nations to receive gifts for collection at the United Nations.


On 21 September 2018, on the occasion of the UN General Assembly and Peace Day, the First Ladies Summit was held in conjunction with UNESCO and the First Ladies' Organization, and the World Harmony Foundation received UNESCO's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Public Service.


On November 4, 2018, he arranged and assisted the Vice Governor of Hunan Province to lead entrepreneurs to lead experts in the treatment of diabetes with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine to support and sponsor the celebration party of the United Nations Sugar Treatment Day on the United Nations Diabetes Day. He also promoted the importance of solving diabetes problems and established the World Natural Health Organization. The special effect rehabilitation instrument for diabetes treated by integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine invented by Chinese space scientists was publicized.


On December 5, 2018, he organized entrepreneurs to sponsor and support the 70th anniversary celebration of the UN Journalists' Association, and introduced to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that the achievements of the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine can cure difficult diseases and sugar diseases, which was highly appreciated by the UN Secretary General. It also introduced the "Jiangsu Jinseiyuan Wine Group" to spread Chinese wine culture around the world through the United Nations platform, and jointly launched the "United Nations Global Television" with the first president of the United Nations Corrupt Association, in the process of preparation.

During the dispute between the President of the White House and the Speaker of the House of Representatives on the US-Mexico border issue, the innovative think tank proposal that jointly planned and promoted how to solve the "China-US trade war", "US-Mexico border" and "Taiwan's harmonious reunification" won the appreciation of US congressmen, White House advisers and senior officials of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and three places.


To promote the two heads of shore and support Taiwan's harmony, in April 2019, organized us think-tank delegation to visit Kaohsiung, propose to Geohiong (kaohsiung) Mayor South Korea yu economy, put forward in Kaohsiung port cities in the world conference, advocating "spending money" to help Taiwan economy, receive head of Taiwan's candidates Han Guoyu reception and attention.


In order to welcome the arrival of the digital financial era, together with Wall Street and Taiwan financiers, digital technology experts, initiated and established the "World Digital Monetary Fund" in April 2019, preparing to cooperate with the United Nations "Digital High-level Group" to build the United Nations digital currency, so thoroughly explain the United Nations financial reform. It plans to introduce a resolution to the United Nations General Assembly in September for the 193 member states to pass, along with digital finance giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Tencent and Alibaba.


From 2018 to 19, he was employed by American TV as the East America Correspondent for AMTV and the
United Nations Correspondent for WTTONPRESS in Hong Kong.


In July 2019, the micro movie Chinese channel of CCTV, employed in the United States east of the ABU to webmaster, planning to cooperate with the United Nations, with harmonious clock into the United Nations, the White House, congress, the two Koreas, the Vatican, Taiwan, countries and so on, all the way to promote peace "harmonious concept through the world's 7.5 billion Internet users thumb up harmonious Zhong Hongyang UN goals and Chinese culture, launched the" CCTV micro film "I am the future leader of the" youth video contribute to global competition, the United Nations finals, China central television (CCTV) micro movie tracking report.

In recognition of his more than 20 years of public service achievements, he received the following awards and recognition:


1) In 2007, was appointed as the "Global Forum Spokesman" by the Department of Social and Economic Affairs of the United Nations at the General Assembly of the UN General Forum in Vienna. So far, only "Italian Nobel Laureate, Foreign Minister of South Korea and Frank Liu" have been awarded the honorary post.


2) In 2015, he was awarded the "Lifetime Award for Outstanding Achievement in Volunteer Service" by the White House Presidential Awards.


3) In 2006, he was awarded the Congressional Record Award jointly with
the World Harmony Foundation.


4) In 2003, he was awarded the New York City Council Councillor
Liu Chun-Yi Special Merit Award


5) In 2008, won the title of "Harmony Messenger" and reported by People's Daily


6) In 2009, "He is active in the mainstream of the United States" was reported by World Chinese Weekly


6) Won the title and report of "Influential People Magazine" in China in 2009.


7) Hired by Hong Kong Newsweek and AMTV as Station Master of the Eastern United States in 2018


8) During the UN Summit in September 2018, the World Harmony Foundation was awarded the UNESCO Educational Centre Non-Government Award for Excellence.



Peace News Agency of Hong Kong



liu fan
liu fan
liu fan
liu fan


本社驻纽约记者 Dong Ming liu


题记:他在联合国60周年诞辰时候让联合国所有首脑敲响了世界和谐钟,今天在他自己60岁生日时候,向联合国提出:为全世界老龄人树立“联合国全球孝道日” 他与百岁国会议员一起,向人类提出:60岁只是开始,100岁还是中年,生命没有终止,只要精神可持续发展!



liu fan
图为刘藩Frank Liu被联合国经济社会事务部任命为全球论坛发言人的聘书
liu fan
liu fan
图为奥巴马签字的给刘藩Frank Liu的获奖通知书与奖章
liu fan

 图为刘藩Frank Liu联合国全球论坛 的获奖证书

至2006年联合国第七届全球论坛,分别有意大利诺贝尔奖科学家、韩国外交部长获得这个荣誉,刘藩Frank Liu 是第三人获得,也是唯一的华人!


liu fan

草根慈善家Frank Liu(刘藩)与他的和谐促公益事业

 今天, 给大家介绍一个在海外积极弘扬中华文化精髓“和谐文化“的先锋刘藩(Frank Liu)先生。今天是8月19日迎来了刘先生60周年生日,虽然他的主业是在华尔街做投资银行,但更热心慈善公益、传播和谐与多元文化,他大部份时间却用在做联合国和平、和谐、环保、文化、教育等世界和谐基金会的公益事业上。他善于为公益融资,运用投行的技巧, 牵手富豪慈善家一起在联合国公益平台做了很多独特的高大上活动,被称为“草根慈善家”。他是一个拥有独特创意并积极把创意落实在行动的的美籍华人。他是一个富有独特创意的美籍华人,他被人民日报誉为“和谐大使”、世界华人周刊誉为“活跃在美国主流的社会活动家”、被中国公关杂志评为“华人活动策划大师“,他做策划的理念是 “要不世界第一,要不世界唯一” 纵观他做活动与慈善的历程,大部份活动确实是唯一与第一的!现在,让我们回顾他20年来的公益路程:


liu fan
liu fan




1995-1997年,在哥伦比亚大学商学院EMBA进修后, 为帮助中国的改革开放,推动经济发展、树立资本市场,协助哥大金融家开展中国第一个股市 “上海证券交易所”成立的培训工作;帮助中国企业到华尔街上市融资,与哥大客座教授合作,组织资本运作培训团与中国讲演团;协助安排中国高级金融官员到美国哥伦比亚大学培训,其中包括“早期的中国证券会主席刘鸿儒、尚福林、周小川、银监会主席刘明康等;到中国上海、北京、福建、江苏、广东等多个城市进行“资本运作”讲演,帮助了中国政府树立了股票资本市场,教企业学会如何IPO上市募集资金,成功的帮助了数家中国高科技企业融到华尔街上市与募集风险投资。




1999-2001年,当他得知中国荒漠化越来越严重,沙尘暴刮到北京了,为阻止沙尘暴进入北京,,立即找到美国沙漠研究院科学家与中国沙漠土壤治理科学家,共同走进内蒙鄂尔多斯库布齐沙漠,远离家庭,亲自到沙漠地区援助二年,开始进行沙漠恢复技术的中试,为攻克沙漠治理的难关,帮助沙漠治理科学家融到风险投资,成功的让沙漠变绿洲的技术得到实施,为目前内蒙响沙湾沙漠变绿洲打下基础。成功的解决了沙漠绿化的技术 ,获得联合国副秘书长陈健的赞赏并题词“绿化地球、匹夫有责“, 发起了“绿色经济”等概念,获得经济日报全版的报导。 

2001年策划并推动潘基文秘书长与联合国人居署号召“共建和谐城市”,在巴西里约市居大会上,把和谐理念落地, 并在上海世博会上继续推动宣传,人居署因此指定世界和谐基金会与人居署共同编制和谐城市标准及选拔和谐实验城市,推动了联合国的和谐与可持续发展事业。


liu fan
liu fan
liu fan

2002年,为帮助中国企业在金融海啸后促进外贸增长, 进入新的市场,与联合国采购局合作, 在广东东莞举办“如何进入联合国采购市场”培训班。






2002年,为帮助中国企业在金融海啸后促进外贸增长, 进入新的市场,与联合国采购局合作, 在广东东莞举办“如何进入联合国采购市场”培训班。






liu fan




liu fan

2006年2月,1)成功组织由第一个总统敲响世界和谐钟,在纽约由东帝文二位总统敲响。2 组织福建歌舞厅走进联合国,成功打造了联合国第二届中国春节晚会。


 6月24日,2 成功的组织了中外演艺人员参加支持联合国公共服务日庆典的文艺招待会。4月,与国会资深议员成立国会王网络电视台”并与新华社信息中心合作。 6月, 成功的赞助支持了在维也纳的联合国社会经济事务部联合国第七届全球论坛,潘基文秘书长特派联合国常务副秘书长敲响世界和谐钟,中国派监察部部长参加。

200788日,在美国国会108个议员抵制奥运后, 立即组织加州爱国华人启动自发的和谐奥运行动,带着奥运宣传车走了20多个美国州和城市,得到各州人民和政府议会的支持和参与. 并首次在国会山敲响世界和谐钟。

920-21日,世界和平日,与美国国会全球家庭日委员会一起,邀请著名美国国会议员、国会司法委员会主席John Conyer和中国驻美大使周文重特派公使郑泽光在国会山庄草坪再次再此为中美和谐、全球家庭和谐敲响世界和谐钟,并带奥运宣传车到国会山庄, 让国会议员签署支持标语, 为中美关系上的发展做出贡献。

2008年三月,组织中外企业家募集了120万人民币,刘藩本人捐赠了10,到福建龙岩自然保护区拯救仅存的20多只华南虎. 得到当地政府、人民与媒体的好评.

20085月,汶川地震后,立即到美国中学小学学校宣传慈善, 鼓励学生支持四川地震,募集到近几十万人民币及近百万的大型水过滤器捐给灾区汶川学校.



20098,邀请联合国副秘书长甘巴里到北京与广东, 推进联合国会议会展中心落地中国,促进了绿色生态中心落地广东。

200910月在中美关系僵硬,胡主席将取消去美国召开多国核会议时候,精心策划给奥巴马总统写了一封感人的信, 得到他立即认可,在空军一号看完信,下飞机就给胡主席打了一小时电话, 中美关系缓和, 美国政府也不给中国人民币升值压力了, 充分用好了民间外交的管道.





2011年,A)上半年,1月胡锦涛主席访问美国华盛顿时候,组织美国国会议员与歌星相聚民主党俱乐部,并给促进中美与二岸三地和平、和谐、文化交流的功臣,前国会亚洲委员会主席Lester Wolff、著名歌星Sister Slege颁发世界和谐杰出贡献奖。

B )下半年八月,海地地震,组织中国大学生说明海地地震孩子捐献了帐篷与日本地震孩子安排去中国的学习。





2015年,组织少年儿童和谐小大使,以文化促和平的画“梦想和平”参加联合国70周年在中央公园的大庆典,目的呼吁叙利亚停止战争! 该画作为唯一代表全球孩子们的心愿,作为联合国70周年的礼物赠给庆典大会,被列在主席台上。






Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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