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Black Tie International:
Mark 7 Studios, Hollywood Icon Productions
Fashion Cars Music & Salsa


   Mark 7 Studios,
Hollywood Icon Productions
Fashion, Cars, Music, Salsa
Miss Peru

Photos by:  Blacktiemagazine.com /GMK

Gerard Mc Keon, Guiliana Zevallos,Miss Universe Peru 2010, anton werner,, mark7 studios

Gerard Mc Keon, Guiliana Zevallos, Miss Universe Peru, 2010,
Anton Werner, TV Broadcaster & Distributor at MARK 7 STUDIOS
Giulian Zevallos Print Friendly Pdf

Aimee LaNieve, Guiliana Zevallos, Anton Werner

 Morihiko Goto,Aimee LaNieve Spiers, Guiliana Zevallos, Anton Werner

Gerard Mc Keon, Aimee LaNieve Spiers

Aimee La Nieve Spiers, Mark Sutton AKA Chef Chardon

Aimee La Nieve Spiers, Chef Chardon, Laura Skemaite, Anton Werner

The Epic of the Friends of Black Tie  Continues

Gloria Cressler

Meanwhile The Friends of Black Tie, saved the Planet, from  attack from nasty alien bad guys, led by generalisimo Gloria Cressler

Achillas Anatasopoulos and Norlita Uriarte

Brutal and Savage was the Battle,
Achillas Anatasopoulos and Norlita Uriarte held the Pass

The enemy was vanquished, by a quick flipping of their flank,
brilliantly executed by
Andrea Spring and Gloria Cressler

Gloria Cressler, andrea Spring

The Friends of Black Tie, left the field
to enjoy a fine Italian dinner and some excellent Wine
To Be Continued......

"Hollywood Icons Productions HD's RED CARPET"

Exclusive Filming by Hollywood Icons Productions of the Special & Red Carpet event with "IKEGAMI HDK 79E" live HDTV broadcast studio cameras.


 BIZ! USA-Peru-Americas Magazine;
Black Tie International magazine;
Radio La Calle mega 1030.




HD Film, Multimedia production & HDTV Broadcast complex (45,000.00 sf. ft.)

MARK7 STUDIOS  -  premier, newly upgraded HD FILM PRODUCTION & Live HDTV Broadcast studios complex with new SONY HD broadcast technologies

website: http://www.mark7studios.com

The client / producer or co-producer can capitalize on our well-established multi-media powerhouse and HDTV network to promote, market and expand client's mission, legal, business agenda and expand client's/ producer's strategic business through this complex which can include live interviews, live HDTV broadcast, live webcasting, next-generation HD video online distribution platform, special conferences organized by Mark7 Studios and studio management & production company Hollywood Icons Productions HD ("HIP HD") combined with the advantage of above newest technologies.

We do productions or co-productions in feature films, TV shows, musicals, music videos, fundraising events with celebrities & artists, "NUVO (-champagne) Modeling Contests & Fashion Shows" at MARK7 STUDIOS complex, partnerships with GRAMMY Awards & TONY Awards winning artists, TV talk shows, corporate HD videos & new product & services presentations, TV Commercials, post-production, next-generation real-time 3D rendering & 3D interactive animation for leading car manufacturers, advanced live holographic animation presented by our HoloPlus Multimedia Entertainment Corp. -  by converting artists, performers, talk show hosts or SPONSORED PRODUCTS into LIFE-SIZE HOLOGRAMS and streaming these live holograms (- performers/ sponsored products) in the air in the front of audience, HD broadcast cameras. These production services are provided by our HOLOPLUS MULTIMEDIA ENTERTAINMENT company.
Please note that our TV Series/ Reality TV Shows, Sitcoms, TV Talk Shows & film producers / co-producers with HIP HD & MARK7 STUDIOS can strongly capitalize on this location and this complex - newly upgraded by engineers who built also Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” and Lucas Films studios. 


  -   editing, animation & 3D team



For below professional, customized services contact :

  1. Werner: Tel: (646) 575-1144, e-mail: tonywarner7@gmail.com



$ RATES (Est.)


Voice Over Recording, Editing, Mixing

$200/2hr session, $850/day


Voice Over Talent (non-union/buyout) * In-house projects/sessions only *

$POA (w/Script)


Animation &/or Foreign Dubbing: Commercial DVD & Broadcast projects

$POA (w/Script+DVD)


Translations / Adaptations for Foreign Dubs: English to Spanish & vica-versa

$POA (w/Script)


ADR Sessions: 1/2 or Full Day sessions * PT session set-up fees apply



Audio Post - Dialog/Music Editing, Sound Design, Noise Reduction, Mixing



Audio Post - Sound Mixing (Stereo or 5.1) for Broadcast/Cable



Audio Post - Complete Post Indie Film DVD Package

$POA (w/DVD+Script)


Music Composition: Sound Tracks, Scoring etc.

$POA (w/DVD+Script)






$ RATES (Est.)


FINAL CUT PRO Video Editing: Music/Entertainment, Commercial & Corporate +VTR Rental, Dub &/or Online charges (if applicable)

$95/hour, $950+/day





Motion Graphics Design (DV/HD): Music/Entertainment, Commercial, Corporate



Music Videos - Script/Pre-Production, Production & Post (FCP Editing, Graphics, Color). -  Prices vary based on cast & crew size + location costs.

High-End  - Prices vary based on cast & crew size + location costs.

DV - $5,000 (typical)
HD - $6,000+


HD – $10,000+


Commercials - Local: Script, Production & Audio/Video Post (30 sec. Low Budget Local Cable TV spots)

$8,500 (typical)


Commercials - Regional/National: Script, Production & Audio/Video Post (30 sec. Mid to High-End Cable TV spots) -  Prices vary based on cast & crew size + location costs

$POA (w/Outline or Script & Production Quality Ref's)


Corporate Video: Script, Production & Video Post

$POA (w/Outline or Script)


Infomercials: Complete Video Post packages (30 min.)

$8,500+ (typical)


Script Writing: Commercial & Corporate Video

$95/hr, $POA (w/Outline)


Event Videography: Corporate, Performance, Family etc. (DV/HD)

$500/day per person/camera + Extra's






$ RATES (Est.)


Short DVD Packages



Basic DVD Package



Professional DVD Authoring Packages* (60-120 min)



DVD Motion Menu Design (Custom Motion Graphics)



DVD Audio Mastering: (Feature, Commentaries, Behind-the-Scenes, Xtras)



Blue-Ray DVD Authoring Packages (coming soon)






MULTIMEDIA DESIGN (In-House Music - Audio - Video projects only)







$ RATES (Est.)


Audio Encoding (AAC, MP3, Flash )

$65+$1 per minute


Video Encoding - WEB (QuickTime H.264, Flash, WMP )

$75+$5 per minute



Kindly include your name, company, phone, email address, and specific project details in your e-mail request.


All prices for certain orders can include additional discount. This rate card is dated July 2, 2012.

All above services are subject to signing of post-production services agreement with above editing management team, and  subject to studio availability. Any unauthorized changes or modification of this rate card is not valid.



Print friendly PDF's
MARK  7 Studios Post Production

     MARK 7  STUDIOS with newest Sony
Broadcast technologies

Post Production Capabilities

Post Production Rate Card

Single Day Rate


MARK7 STUDIOS, Hollywood Icons Productions HD and
HoloPlus Multimedia Entertainment present:

  • NBC's TV show co-production with talk show host JOE FRANKLIN -
     "Hollywood Icons Joe Franklin Show".
  • "The Devil's Triangle Adventure" - (- genre: adventure, action, thriller, mystery) feature film with Armand Assante, Juliette Binoche, Jessica Biel, NASCAR drivers scene, with next-generation 3D rendering, holographic and award-winning
    SFX animation.
  • "Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Peru 2010 Forum" - in official partnership with UNO headquarters NYC.
  •  HIP HD's Special event at MARK7 STUDIOS on November 6, 2010  - with MISS PERU 2009, FASHION SHOW (over 50 models), Red Carpet & Exotic Cars show, Oro Solido - Top 25 hits  - live music performance, professional SALSA dance show.

MARK7 STUDIOS is strategically located near the MEADOWLANDS XANADU  (- the largest Sport Entertainment complex in the U.S.) and in NYC area just approx. 3 miles from Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC.

Domestic & International Live HDTV BROADCAST with Mark7 Studios satellite uplink & downlink: 
 -  subject to execution of Broadcast Agreement (in form of Joint Venture) for qualified, edited productions. International satellite coverage available for Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle & Far East. 

We are currently upgrading at MARK7 STUDIOS the integrated HDTV broadcast network into a new, state-of-the art 3DTV international satellite & broadcast cable network with our 3DTV programming of UNIVERSAL 3DTV BROADCAST NETWORK.

Our newly upgraded HD Film Production & Live HDTV Broadcasting Studios complex, the location and the proposed production cost reductions/ discounts can be a profitable, strategic business expansion for your organization, with a strong local market advantage.Next-generation, real-time HD Video Online Distribution platform and Webcasting platform:

worldwide marketing of completed, qualified, edited feature films, TV shows,
Music Videos:  -  subject to execution of HD Video Online Distribution Service Agreement, and/ or Live Webcasting Service Agreement.

MUSIC, FILM, TV production & recording: we are currently building
 our state-of-the art brand new recording studio at MARK7 STUDIOS: 

with ICON Digidesign D-Control ES 32 music production
 & editing console, powerful Genelec 1035 loudspeaker system

Anton Werner

24 Meadowlands Parkway
Secaucus, NJ 07094

[Studio Management & production company
of Mark7 Studios]

HoloPlus Multimedia Entertainment

24 Meadowlands Parkway 
Secaucus, NJ 07094





Joyce Brooks

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Contact: joyce@blacktiemagazine.com

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youth assembly, united nations

5,6,7 August 2015
The Youth Assembly at the United Nations Details


ngo conference

22 - 27 August, 2015
2015 NGO Conference  Details


Impact Investment Opportunities

SOL - Solar powered Laptop


 Solar Powered Laptops


Impact Investment


International Travel Partners

andrea spring, Blue star Jets

Andrea Spring
BlueStar Jets


Private Air


Black Tie China


Dr. Ruiyun Wang; and Ms. Sheri Yan

Dr. Ruiyun Wang
 and Ms. Sheri Yan
$15 million pledge
 agreement between
 Synerton Corporation
 & Global Sustainability


Black Tie China


The Rhythms of One World

The Rhythms
 of One World
 Choral Festival ,
Alice Tully Hall,
 Lincoln Center, NYC


Black Tie China


Gerard Mc keon, Publisher, Black Tie International Magazine, Caiqi Xu, the interpretor of ZhenYuan Internatinal Tourism Forum and Rick Ulfik

Annual Meeting  of
Zhenyuan International
 Tourism Forum
, China


Black Tie China


Black Tie Israel


h Board’s 2015 Spring Benefit raised more than $1.3 million for the organization, which serves more than 35,000 people from all religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. (l to r) Jewish Board CEO David Rivel, Jewish Board Vice President and recipient of the Saul Z. Cohen Leadership Award David Edelson, Jewish Board President Alice Tisch, Jewish Board Trustee and recipient of the Madeleine Borg Lifetime Services Award Paul Kronish, JBFCS Trustee and recipient of the Madeleine Borg Lifetime Services Award Susan Hecht Tofel© Michael Priest Photography

 The Jewish Board of
 and Childrens Services 
2015 Spring Benefit
Raises $1.3 million


Black Tie Israel


Black Tie Philippines


 Libran Cabactulan,
Permanent Mission
 of the Philippines

The Permanent Observer
Mission of the Holy See
 Global Security Institute


Black Tie Philippines


Black Tie United Arab Emirates


Friends of Black Tie

Friends of Black Tie

High Level Visit
to the
United Arab Emirates


Black Tie  United Arab Emirates


Featured Foundation


Sheri Yan, Executive Vice Chairman, Global Sustainable Development Foundation and Dr. John Ashe, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Global Board of the Global Sustainable Development Foundation, and the 68th President of the UN, General Assembly .  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Global Sustainability
 Foundation Launches  at
 The United Nations ,



Featured Foundations


Event Resources Directory


gerard mc keon

Everything you need
to run a
World Class Event

Promote your Services

Event Resource Directory


Event Talent Directory


rick bogart

World Class Talent
for  your next event

Rick Bogart

Feature your Talent

Event Talent Directory


 Celebrity Philanthropy New


Leah Lane, Cole Rumbough, Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com Sixtieth Anniversary international Debutante  ball

Sixtieth Anniversary
Debutante Ball

 Society News


Russian Nobility Association

Russian Nobility
Spring Ball 2015


 Society News


Amber Valletta.  Photo by:  Vince Bucci

Amber Valletta

Big Brothers Big Sisters
 of Greater Los Angeles
 annual Accessories for
Success Spring Luncheon
& Fashion Show 


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Deborah Norville.  Photo by:  Joyce brooks/Blacktiemagazine.com

Deborah Norville

Womens Forum of
 New York
2015 Elly Awards



Celebrity Philanthropy News


Ken Langone, Nicki Harris and J. Ira Harris.  Photo by:  Joyce Brooks/Blacktiemagazine.com

Langone Medical Center
2015 Violet ball
 Raises Over $7 Million



 Society News


Russell Simmons
Annette Bening

National Urban
Technology Center
20th Anniversary Gala
Awards Dinner


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Liam Neeson.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Liam Neeson

28th Annual
Power Lunch For Women
Raises $1.3 Million


Celebrity Philanthropy News


 Sigourney Weaver.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com


Tom Brokaw
Sigourney Weaver

The Wildlife
Conservation Society
Annual Gala
& Afterparty at
 The Central Park Zoo


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Kosciuszko Foundation


The Kosciuszko
90 Year Celebration


Society News


chau giang nguyen

Mission of Hungary
 to the United States
Salon d Ete
and Musical Soiree


Celebrity Philanthropy News


The Transformative Power of Art

The Transformative
Power of Art
Opens at
United Nations


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Hugh Jackman and No Doubt pose onstage with Hugh Evans (CEO of Global Poverty Project), Jim Yong Kim (President of the World Bank) and UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival to end extreme poverty by 2030 at Central Park on September 27, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen Festival)

World Bank, President
 Jim Kim 

    Committed to putting
 $65 billion dollars a year
towards the goal of ending
 extreme poverty by 2030


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Lord Raj Loomba, Founder and Chairman Trustee, The Loomba Foundation receiving award from Abid Qureshi, UNA-NY President

Lord Raj Loomba
conferred with 
United Nations
Association of
 New Yorks
Lifetime Achievement


Society News


Monsieur Le Vicomte Guy Robinson et Monsieur Le Vicomte Lee Black.  Photo by:  Gregory Speck

The French Heritage
 Society Ball


Society News


Chaka Khan and Nile Rodgers.  Photo y:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Chaka Khan
 Nile Rodgers

We Are Family
2015 Celebration Gala


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Tamsen Fadal and Lieutenant General Stephen L. Hoog.  Photo by:  Annie watt

 Tamsen Fadal
 Lieutenant General
Stephen L. Hoog

Annual Military Ball


Society News

Iris Cantor and Carmen Thain. Photo by: 4eyes photo/kelliewalsh

Hospital Annual 
Benefit Dinner
Raises Over $5 million


Society News


Lauren Vernon, Nick Loeb, Nicole Dicocco.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com


Nick Loeb

The New York Center
 for Children
 20th Anniversary Spring
Cocktail Reception



Celebrity Philanthropy News


Patricia Heaton.  Photo by:  Vince Bucci

Patricia Heaton

The John Wayne Cancer
 Institute Auxiliary

30th annual Odyssey Ball
Raises  $1.4 Million
To benefit Cancer
Beverly Hills, CA


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia  Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia .  Photo by:  Joyce brooks/Blacktiemagazine.com

Crown Prince Alexander
 of Serbia
  Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

Lifeline Annual Benefit
at Le Cirque


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Princess Camilla of Bourbon of the two Sicilies, Desmond Tutu, Prince Albert II of Monaco

Princess Camilla
 of Bourbon
 of the two Sicilies
Desmond Tutu,
Prince Albert II
of Monaco


54th Monte Carlo
Television Festival

in Monaco

Society News


Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods).  photo by: rose billings/blacktiemagazine.com

Tom Selleck

The 2nd Annual
Paleyfest New York
 The William S. Paley
Television Festival


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

The 9th Annual WINGS WorldQuest
Women of Discovery


Celebrity Philanthropy News


Kevin Spacey.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/Blacktiemagazine.com

Kevin Spacey

Museum of the
Moving Image

28th Annual Gala

Tribute to
 Kevin Spacey


Celebrity Philanthropy News


T. Denny Sanford

T. Denny Sanford
 $100 million Gift
Sanford Stem Cell
Clinical Center


Society News


Nancy Grand, Stephen Grand

Nancy &Stephen Grand
 commit $50 million
to the
Weizmann Institute
of Science


Society News


Princess Yasmin Aga Khan ©Patrick McMullan

Yasmin Aga Khan

Rita Hayworth Gala
30th Anniversary
Raises Nearly
$1.7 Million


Foundation News


Charlie Rose,Caspian Forum

 Caspian Forum
A Commitment
 to European
 Energy Security


Society News


youssou ndour, bono

Youssou Ndour

Launch of the
New Africa Center
 in New York Cit

Celebrity Philanthropy News


Marc Anthony, Carlos Slim, Petra Nemcova

Marc Anthony
Carlos Slim
Petra Nemcova

 Hearts Fund


 Celebrity Philanthropy News


Israel's 65th birthday

Birthday gift


Philanthropy Giving


Featured Foundation

Amir Dossal.  Photo by:  Joyce Brooks

Global Partnership
Invest in People
for Social Change


Featured Foundations

Black Tie International Realty

village latch inn

Village Latch Inn
Southampton Village,
New York

$23 Million

Black Tie Realty


Health News

To Age or Not to Age

To Age or not to Age?
A Film by
Robert Kane Pappas



Health News

sierra sciences, Bill Andrews, Telamares, Telamase

The Good Life
at 125
Sierra Sciences,
extending our
Healthspans and
Simply Fantastic!

Health News


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