Purim in Israel is the happiest holiday of the year - when joyful children in festive costumes crowd the streets and schools.  But celebrating Purim in the hospital is a sadder affair, and hospitalized children usually miss out on all the fun.


At Rambam, we decided to make this Purim an unforgettable holiday for the young patients at the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital. 


We all know that children coping with illness are heroes each and every day of the year. So we asked them which of their heroes they would like to dress up as for Purim.  One said a police officer. Another, a firefighter.  One young boy dreamed of being a legendary knight. And a little girl saw herself dressed as the fairy of light from a popular Israeli children's play. 


The first thing was to find a costume for each of the children. And then came the real surprise. The young knight was introduced to a pair of authentic knights who perform in medieval festivals.  The boy in the police costume met a real police officer and the young firefighter was surrounded by the team of an entire firehouse. He was even treated to a ride on their fire truck, sounding the siren and shooting spray from a water hose.  


Purim was celebrated this year at the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital with laughter and tears of joy sparkling in the eyes of the happy young patients, their parents, the medical staff and friends.


Afterwards everyone shared a feast of holiday treats, before the children went back to being the real heroes they are, every day. 







Happy Purim!!



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