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World Harmony Foundation, Rings the Harmony Bell
For Peace in the Ukraine
World Harmony Foundation
the Harmony Bell
for Peace in the Ukraine
And for Unity to Stop NYC violence
William Tien, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
William Tien, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Video: Lei Zhou
Video: Lei Zhou
Hanqing Li, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Hanqing Li, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Errol Rappaport, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Errol Rappaport, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Howie Rosen, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Howie Rosen, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Abbey Gold, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Abbey Gold, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Omar, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Harvey Dupiton, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Harvey Dupiton, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Harmony Bell
Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Chen Du, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Chen Du, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Christina Petrakis, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Christina Petrakis, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Gerard Mc Keon, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Gerard Mc Keon, Rings the Harmony Bell, for Peace in the Ukraine
Picture by: Lei Zhou
Additional Press Coverage
Tom Suozzi
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Courtesy of
Dunya International:  Manzoor Hussain
Save the Date March 2, 2022
World Harmony Foundation

World Harmony Foundation, Rings the Harmony Bell
To Welcome the New Year in Times Square , NYC, Interview by NY1 TV
World Harmony Foundation

World Harmony Foundation,

Rings the Harmony Bell

To Welcome the New Year in Times Square ,

 Interview by Sheryl Wills,

Host, In Focus, NY1,  TV



That’s Frank Liu , president and chairman of the World Harmony Foundation, ring the Harmony Bell in the heart of the Times Square to ring the Lunar New Year. We are so pleased today to have the chairman with us along with his daughter Harmony Liu. Welcome to both of you in focus.


Frank Liu

时代广场中心敲响和谐钟,为农历新年敲响钟声。 今天我们很高兴邀请到刘主席和他的女儿和谐格格(刘小姐)。欢迎二位到来。


 Frank Liu and Harmony Liu:

Thank you. Happy Lunar New Year.



Happy Lunar New Year to both of you.


 So chairman, I want to start with you, you’ve traveled the world with this Harmony Bell encouraging global leaders to ring it as a sign of solidarity. Explain why.

刘主席,访谈先从您开始吧,您带着和谐钟环游世界,鼓励全球领导人敲响它,将它当做团 结的象征。您能说说原因吗?

Frank Liu :

Our World Harmony Foundation was established in 2005, at the time of UN 60 th Anniversary and at that time our mission is to promote harmony for peace for the easy to understand, harmony for peace we make the Harmony Bell.

刘主席:我们的世界和谐基金会成立于 2005 年,正好是联合国成立 60 周年纪念日,当时我 们的使命是促进和谐与和平,为了使得人们更加了解这一点,和谐钟应运而生。

 This Harmony Bell is made of animation weapon donated by military retired person and scrap mental collected by the students, both China
and American.

Secretary Annam sees our proposal and thinks it is great and that’s what we want. So they invite our Harmony Bell to UN Opening 60 th Anniversary, so since that time we have determined to bring the bell to travel globally to every country to promote harmony for peace and green,

 So nowadays there are so many crisises. There’s something happening in a war or a conflict or a crime or a gun shoot, and environmental problems, the ocean pollution, the garbage everywhere and also global warming.

That’s why we ring the Harmony Bell.

谐钟是由退役军人捐赠的动画武器和中美两国学生收集的废品制成的。安南秘书长了解我 们的提议后,认为它很棒,这正是我们想要的。所以他们邀请我们的和谐钟参加联合国诞生 60 周年纪念,从那时起,我们就决定将和谐钟带到全球每个国家,以促进和谐,和平和绿 色。这个世界存在许多问题:战争、冲突、犯罪、枪击,环境问题,海洋污染,随处可见的 垃圾,还有全球变暖。这就是我们敲响和谐钟的原因。

 Hostess: So this Harmony Bell is really travelling around the world.


 Next to you is your lovely daughter who happens to be named Harmony. I want to talk to Her Harmony. You just won a big award from the White House for you volunteer work.
 Tell us about that?

您旁边坐的是和谐格格刘小姐,我想和她谈谈。刘小姐,听说你去刚刚因为志愿工作赢得了 个白宫大奖。跟我们说说?

 Harmony Liu:

Yeah, it was really a big honour for me, I’ve been spending a lot of time helping my dad volunteering at the UN and doing all sorts of things and it was just like, just really exciting to get that.

刘小姐:是的,这对我来说是一个很大的荣誉,我花了很多时间帮助我爸爸在联合国做志愿 者,做各种各样的事情,能拿奖真的很令兴奋。

 Hostess: Yeah, it was exciting and talk us Harmony, about…… you’re the generation that’s going to inherit the world and that we’re going to deliver to you and your colleagues in school, so talk to us about building bridges to increase the peace. It’s a tough time for us all.

主持人:嗯,确实是件令人精神振奋的事儿。刘小姐,你和你学校里的朋友们都清楚,世界 的未来掌握在你们年轻一代的手中,所以我想请你谈谈怎样采取措施增进世界和平,毕竟最 时局艰难众所周知。

 Harmony Liu:
When I was really young, there was an Ebola awareness when I was eight. And recently I and my friends have helped raise money for COVID, like getting masks and all of that. I also did some awareness for the nuclear waste dumping……

刘小姐:在我很小的时候,我八岁的时候就对埃博拉病毒有所了解。最近,我和我的朋友们 为新冠疫情筹集了资金,比如买口罩之类的。我也对核废料倾倒做了一些认识......

Frank Liu

Waste water, stop waste water from being dumped into the ocean
and also clean ocean.



And Frank , you know your foundation is , as we’re talking about the pandemic now, your foundation is also working to help communities rebuild after COVID. It looks like we’re finally turning a corner here.
 What exactly is your foundation doing?

主持人:刘主席,我们现在来谈谈新冠疫情,你知道世界和谐基金会在努力帮助社区在新冠 疫情后重建。看来我们终于有转机了。能和我们谈谈基金会这几年为了抗疫都做了哪些工作 ?

Frank Liu :

At the beginning of COVID-19, when China is starting Wuhan, then our youth leadership Committee lead by Harmony, she called on her friends, more than 40 kids and everybody donates their pocket money,
to UNICEF, UN and WTO.

It started from then we have collected , fund-raised makes, donated to Colombia, donated to Mexico, donated to Ghana, donated to Nepal when Nepal had a crisis and the test kits or something like that. So that’s what all we are doing since COVID-19, almost 2 years we’ve kept running, fund-raising and helping people.

That’s very important. And another mission for Harmony: Harmony for health, harmony for peace, harmony for green.
They’re all the missions we’ve implemented.

刘主席:在新冠肺炎疫情初期,当中国启动武汉项目时,当时和谐格格正在领导世界和谐基 金会青年领导委员会,她号召朋友们——40 多个孩子,每个人向联合国儿童基金会、联合 国和世界贸易组织捐赠零用钱。从那时起,我们开始收集,筹集资金,捐赠给哥伦比亚,捐 赠给墨西哥,捐赠给加纳,捐赠给尼泊尔——尼迫时危机重重,我们的资金可以帮助他 们进行设备检测等等。这就是自 2019 冠状病毒病以来我们所做的一切,近两年来我们一直 在工作,筹集资金和帮助人们。这至关重要。这是和谐基金会里的另一个使命:健康 谐,和平和谐,绿色和谐。以上便是我们基金会近几年的所作所为。


That’s amazing. And I want to give you a final word, Harmony. Talk to us about your generation and the need for peace. Do young people, like you are in the 11 th grade, you are a junior in high school, do you feel they get it? Or do you feel their heads are too deep in video games and social media?

主持人:棒极了。最后一个问题我想留给刘小姐,跟我们谈谈你们这代人和对和平的需求。 我知道你现在是高二学生,像你这样的高中生,你觉得他们能理解和平吗? 或者你是否觉得 们太过沉迷于电子游戏和社交媒体,无暇其他?

Harmony Liu:

Actually I think that like my generation, we know a lot about all of these issues, like even with social media, we’re constantly like seeing a post as prime to spread awareness about what’s going around the world and it’s just, you know, it’s really great that we have all this information at our hands, but we definitely do know a lot about issues
with the world right now.

刘小姐:我认为,实际上,我们这一代紧跟时事,做到家事国事事事关心,即便是社交媒体上 上,我们经常看到传播世界各地时事的帖子,所有这些信息弹指即可获得, 们确实对时事十 分了解,这一点毋庸置疑。


 Frank Liu of the World Harmony Foundation and Harmony Liu.

Thank you both for your time.


World Harmony Foundation, Times Square Bill Board
Welcome Lunar New Year , Wishing Olympics Success

World Harmony Foundation

New York Times Square broadcasted

Ringing the Harmony Bell, Welcome Lunar New Year,
Wishing Winter Olympics Success

countdown event, and greetings to
 Asian & Chinese people
 all over the world! 


On the afternoon of January 31, 2022, the countdown to the Winter Olympics was broadcasted on the Disney screen 43rd street screen in Times Square, New York, until February 1, 2022.

 The film showed many United Nations personalities and key U.S. dignitaries and cultural stars wishing for the New Year of the Tiger
and the Winter Olympics.

It is reported that this event is jointly organized by
 World Harmony Foundation and the Peaceever TV,

and was broadcasted on the screen in Times Square, New York,
with senior UN officials, US dignitaries and cultural celebrities
 wishing Asian people a happy Lunar New Year and
 success for the Beijing Winter Olympics,
adding a festive touch to New York.

As Times Square, one of the world's most famous media
 and advertising capital,
 celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Tiger,

a beautiful sight appears on the two prime view screens, the Disney screen (between 45th and 46th Streets) and the 43rd Street corner screen:

 UN agencies, American politicians, singers and other international peace-loving celebrities congratulating Asians for Lunar New Year and sent their best wishes for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

The reporter noticed that the screen first broadcasted the video with the logo of the Winter Olympic Games and the theme of the Winter Olympic Games,

Together to the Future,

the skiers of the Winter Olympic Games, the World Harmony Bell, the logo of the World Harmony Foundation and the logo
of Peaceever TV, and showed the Chinese spiritual theme of

Beijing Welcomes You


Community of Human Destiny
to the world

On these screens, a video of

 the Secretary-General of the United Nations


President of the 76th session of the General Assembly

congratulated Asians around the world on the New Year
 and wished the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games a success.

 In addition,

 the President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council,
 Collen Vixen Kelapile,

the President of the 74th session of the United Nations
General Assembly, Muhammad Bande,

 rang the

Golden Bell of World Harmony

to welcome the New Year at the United Nations Headquarters
in New York, sending the message of

Happy New Year! Wishing you sustainable peace and security!

They also wished the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games
a great success.


World Harmony Foundation


American politicians have also wished the Asian community
a good Lunar New Year.

Tom Suozzi,

a prominent U.S. Democratic Congressman
 and candidate for New York Governor,

said an authentic Chinese phrase:


Wishing you prosperity and wealth!

which brought him closer to the Asian and Chinese community.

He said,

As a descendant of Italian-Americans, I appreciate the contributions of all Asians and Chinese for their hard work, education, helping families, developing businesses, and helping communities grow and make America a better place. As the Year of the Tiger approaches, I wish my Asian and Chinese friends good health and success in their endeavors!
 And I wish you a successful Winter Olympic Games!


On behalf of the Congressional Committee on Asian Americans, Democratic Congresswoman

Zhaowen Meng,

 the first prominent female legislator of Chinese descent in the eastern United States, extended her wishes as well.

She is also the first legislator to propose to Congress to make
Lunar New Year a legal holiday in the United States.

 In addition, Washington State Lieutenant Governor

Denny Heck,

 on behalf of the state government, extended wishes to Asians around the world.

 Bellevue, Washington Mayor

Lynne Robinson


Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuia said

Happy New Year and wishing you prosperity and wealth! Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year. On behalf of the City of Bellevue, we wish the Beijing Winter Olympics success.

Toshiko Hasegawa,

Commissioner (Director) of the Port of Seattle, Washington,

takes this opportunity to send Lunar New Year greetings to our people of Asian descent around the world.

She is looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held during the Lunar New Year.

She is confident that the event will showcase the skills and abilities of the world's best snow and ice athletes and will be the most exciting Winter Olympic Games ever.

 Not only that,

Jimmy Matta,

Mayor of Burien, Washington,

was very excited after participating in the

Chinese welcome Winter Olympics” event, saying, "We are very happy to participate in today's event to wish Beijing the Winter Olympics, and I believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics
 will be a success.

All the audience were infected by his passion and cheered.


Michael  B. Hancock

The Mayor of Denver,

 the former host of the Winter Olympics, expressed his best wishes to the Asian communities for the New Year and said
with great enthusiasm,

We must bring the Winter Olympics back to Denver

As the Winter Olympics approaches,
 the United Nations General Assembly held a General Assembly specifically for this Winter Olympics.

173 countries unanimously adopted a resolution on the Winter Olympics Truce, advocating all UN member states to eliminate differences with dialogue, enhance knowledge, and replace confrontation with cooperation, demonstrating the international community's firm determination to achieve peace, unity, and solidarity, and to move together into the future.

This is relevant to the current crisis-ridden regions such as Ukraine
 and the Korean Peninsula.


The countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Times Square in New York City
was organized by the

 World Harmony Foundation

and Peaceever TV,

who joined hands with the United Nations, U.S. dignitaries and celebrities to promote the

Community of Human Destiny

 and make a call to the world for peacemaking,
reflecting the grand spirit of the United Nations and the Olympics.


The World Harmony Bell

ringing at the event was made by the World Harmony Foundation (WHF), an NGO of the United Nations Environment Programme.

The bell was made from bullet casings donated by Chinese and American veterans and scrap brass and iron collected by Chinese and American students, symbolizing the transformation of conflict into peace, environmental protection, and greenery, and is loved by the United Nations.

It was invited by the United Nations as a totem for the opening of the celebration on the 60th anniversary of the United Nations.

The first ringers of the Harmony Bell were

 Secretary-General Annan,

the President of the General Assembly,

 and the President of the Security Council,

followed by

 the two Presidents of Timor-Leste,

and several prominent members of Congress of the United States ringing the Harmony Bell on Capitol Hill.

 The Harmony Bell was invited to
 the 7th United Nations Global Forum in Vienna, Europe,

and was also invited by the Olympic Organizing Committee to participate in the United Nations 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing,

 and to ring the Harmony Bell together with many champions.


The World Harmony Bell was last rung in November 2021

at the 26th United Nations Climate Conference,

where it sounded as a reminder of the planet's rising temperatures.

On the Chinese New Year and the Beijing Winter Olympics,

 the President of the UN Economic and Social Council, and the

 President of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly

 rang the Harmony Bell again for the

Lunar New Year and Winter Olympics.

They both received the

 2022 World Harmony Award
for Outstanding Contribution to World Harmony,

which was presented by Frank Liu,
President of the World Harmony Foundation,
 and has been given to several former heads of state before.

At the same time as the Times Square Disney screen was rolling, the reporter saw an attractive scene in front of the screen:

the Winter Olympics mascot,

Bing Dwen Dwen and
Shuey Rhon Rhon dancing with the music,

 attracting a large number of tourists who came up to take pictures with the mascot.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games mascots were brought to Times Square by the World Harmony Foundation,

and for the first time, the image of the mascots were used to express the Chinese cultural atmosphere, reflecting the friendly spirit of

 celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Tiger

together with people from all over the world.

world Harmony Foundation


《纽约时报广场播出“迎新春,祝冬奥”倒计时活动 - 为世界和平阻止战争与犯罪、终止病毒与家庭幸福, 世界和谐钟在时报广场鸣响,联合国与美国官员纷纷祝福冬奥运成功举办、向全球亚裔拜年》



(鸣响和谐钟、和谐促和平 -清扫纽约犯罪、终止俄国与乌克兰、南北韩潜在战争)


纽约时报广场Disney大屏幕上,美国东部时间2022 131日下午开始,到2243街的大屏幕,分别播出“迎新春,祝冬奥”倒计时活动。该活动由久安电视国际传媒集团世界和谐基金会主办,为庆祝华人新年及北京冬奥会即将召开。活动期间联合国官员、美国政界人士、歌星等通过视频式,纷纷为全球华人送上春节祝福,并预祝2022北京冬奥会圆满成功!

纽约时报广场大屏幕滚动播出首先出现的是联合国秘书长、第76届大会主席向全球亚裔祝贺新春及祝福北京2022冬奥会成功举办的镜头。还有联合国经社理事会主席Collen Vixen Kelapile、第74届联合国大会主席Muhammad Bande他们在纽约联合国总部敲响了迎新年的“世界和谐金钟”,祝全球亚裔与华人“新年快乐!平安健康!”同时预祝2022年北京冬奥会圆满成功的视频画面

美国民主党著名的众议员、纽约州长竞选人Tom Suozzi“在虎年即将到来之际,祝福亚裔与华人朋友身体健康,事业兴旺成功!并预祝2022冬奥会成功举行!美国东部民主党首位华裔女议员孟昭文代表国会亚裔委员会,向亚裔及华人的虎年祝福。此外,华盛顿州副州长Denny Heck代表州政府,向全球亚裔及华人致以温馨的祝福。华盛顿州贝尔维尤市市长林恩·罗宾逊和副市长Jared Nieuwenhuia,分别祝愿所有欢度农历新年的亚裔华人居民:“新年快乐,恭喜发财!”他说:“北京冬奥会恰逢中国农历新年,他们代表贝尔维尤市预祝北京冬奥会圆满成功!

华盛顿州西雅图港务局专员(局长)Toshiko Hasegawa,借此特向全球华人及亚州血统的朋友们,致以农历新年的节日问候!她非常期待农历春节期间开幕的北京冬奥会,相信届时一定展示出全球最优秀的冰雪运动员的体育技能与水平,成为最精彩的一届冬奥会。

不仅如此,华盛顿州Burien市长Jimmy Matta 在参加华人迎冬奥会的活动后激动的表示:我很高兴参加今天的预祝北京冬奥会活动,我相信北京冬奥会一定会成功,让我们一起祝福2022北京冬奥会举办成功!“在场参加者都被他的激情感染欢呼雀跃!



在纽约时报广场活动现场,Frank Liu(刘藩)与 Nicole Edwards代表主办方 久安电视国际传媒集团与世界和谐基金会,和谐之声在世界媒体之都时报广场敲响 他们表示,第一声代表着和平,希望终止战争。第二声代表作和谐,希望各族裔团结。第三声代表作健康,尽快消除病毒。第四声代表作幸福,希望各国、世界亚裔与全球华人家庭幸福、虎年好运快乐! 在现场的还有纽约长岛高二学生HarmonyLiu与小学生EireneLiu,与高中的华裔学生庄宝仪与潘伟烨同学穿作冬奥运吉祥物墩墩蓉蓉的卡通服装一起出现在现场,爱好和平的不同族裔的男女青年,他们穿作代表美国文化动漫的迪斯尼卡通服装“男孩、女孩米老鼠、艾尔莎、蜘蛛侠”等非常高兴的参加今天的迎新年活动。

与时报广场迪士尼大屏幕滚动播放的同时,记者看到,在屏幕前出现一道吸引游客的风景线: 冬奥会吉祥物“冰敦敦、雪容融”,随着音乐翩翩起舞,吸引了大批游客关注,纷纷上来与吉祥物合影。北京冬奥会“冰敦敦、雪容融”带到时报广场,第一次以北京冬奥会吉祥物的形象,无声胜有声的表达了中华文化气氛,体现与各国人士共同欢度虎年春节的友好精神。

本次2022年纽约时报广场“迎新春,祝冬奥”倒计时活动,由主办方久安电视国际传媒集团与世界和谐基金会,携手联合国人士与美国政要、明星发声,共同推动 “人类命运共同体”,向全世界发出缔造和平的呼吁,体现了联合国宪章与奥运会精神。该活动由久安电视国际传媒集团全程报道。

World Harmony Foundation

Gerard Mc Keon and Joyce Brooks.  Photo by:  Rose Billings/

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